Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fun, Fun everywhere!

Hello everyone,

here I am in North Wilkesboro, NC. Since my son and I got here, we have been learning and sharing a lot! We live in a small town, about 5 hours from Raleigh. We have enjoyed this exchange program experience. Although North Wilkesboro is a small and quiet town, last week we had some fun during the 31st Apple Festival. It was very colorful and lively. In the picture, I am in Melody Square, where there was a gospel concert at 3:00.


Dennis said...

Hi, María da Luz.

I enjoyed the first post in "Interacting and Sharing." Thanks for beginning the way you did!

As I read through the first post, it occurred to me that this blog could be a wonderful way to document the feelings and impressions of both you and your son during your stay in North Wilkesboro, NC, and it could be enriched by links to online information, photos, sound clips—and practically any other content that would help others (me, for one!) learn more about North Wilkesboro and what you have learned (and will learn) about it and the upper-southeastern U.S. The blog could be further enriched by a running commentary on differences between North Wilkesboro and your region of Brazil.

When I first learned that you are in North Wilkesboro, I wasn't sure of its location (other than somewhere in North Carolina). You could, if you like, include a map of NC and add an arrow to show the general location of North Wilkesboro, particularly with reference to Raleigh, which you mention.

As I read your first post, I also wondered about the Apple Festival and Melody Square. I found a website about the Apple Festival and I found hints that Melody Square is a mall, but I'd like to know more about both! I was also intrigued by your mention of the gospel concert and wondered what kind of gospel music you heard (since it varies greatly —from music done in a slick, commercial contemporary style to "old-time," "countrified" music heard mostly in certain kinds of "fundamentalist" / Pentecostal churches.

You get the point. I, for one, would like to know much more about North Wilkesboro through your (and your son's) eyes and ears and thoughts, and I think others—especially your friends and colleagues in Brazil—would like the same thing!

Best wishes as always, and beijocas!


Carla Arena said...

Well, Marie, Dennis said it all! I don't know what your intentions are for this blog, but it would be a great opportunity for you to portray and keep in your memory what this experience was for you and for Vinicius. Also, I'm sure you could vividly explore the nuances of the American culture and your impressions.

I have a blog like that, though I don't write there as frequently as I wish...

What I've been trying to do now is to report to former students some cultural notes on a Posterous blog called "Cultural Capsules".

What you need to define is how you're going to use your blog and for which purpose.

Dennis said...

Oí, María da Luz.

I really like your Slideshow. Where were the photos taken?

All the best—


Maria da Luz said...

Dear Dennis,

you are right. I am still crawling, but That's what I am planning to do. My blog has been blocked and I had not been able to post anything. I found out it has been unblocked today.:)
The United States is a marvelous and awesome country! My son and I are in love with so much beauty. We have been to some states and I will be posting some pictures here.
The map of NC I have to admit I will try to do it. I saw you have one from your region in your blog:)
Yes, Melody Square is a small mall In North Wilkesboro. There are some nice stores and restaurants there. There is also "Curves" for the ladies who like to work out and "Weight Watchers". Actually, after living here for over a year, that was the first time I went there.
The Gospel music was the "Old -time" countryside" one. Most people here like Gospel and country music. On the radio they play contemporary style, though.

I appreciate all your support and help. "have a good one" - that's what they say here.

Dennis said...

Hi, María da Luz.

I'm sorry it's taken me this long to get back to you.

I'm sorry to hear that your blog was blocked. That happened to me, too—and with a brand-new blog that I had opened for another class that I was participating in. It was a very frustrating experience and took much longer than a week to straighten out.

I'm glad you plan to travel to other states while you're in the U.S. I look forward to seeing photos±—either here or in your Flickr space. (I visited it earlier today and enjoyed all the wonderful photos that are there.)

I have memories of "Old-time country gospel" music. When I was a boy, I lived in a small rural town and this kind of music was very popular. I remember that one thing that happened regularly was "all-night sings." These were sponsored by local Protestant churches and featured music by gospel quartets and soloists. The music started in the early evening and continued until very late—sometimes early the next morning. These "all-night sings" were usually held in the elementary school or high school gymnasium: the singers were on the stage and the audience was seated in the bleachers or on the floor.

I also remember that when I was a small boy, my home town had community Halloween parties. People (adults as well as kids) went to these parties in costumes and there was music and food and games. I vaguely remember attending these parties.

You definitely have my support, and I'll help any way I can. I hope you have a good one ("Have a good 'un"), too!